Anmol Jaggi

He is a first-generation serial entrepreneur and an advocate for clean energy. He recently ventured into EV Manufacturing and set-up a world-class “designed for electric” plant in Chakan, Pune that will soon produce a modern all-electric, made-in-India EV, poised to revolutionise zero-emissions mobility.

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Pratik Gupta

He is driving the company with a passion for a cleaner, greener future. With a rich background in Automotive, Solar Energy, and Embedded Systems, his leadership fosters relentless innovation and sustainable solutions for EV development, crucial in shaping the future of electric mobility.

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Pranay Mundra

Drawing from nearly three decades of experience, Pranay’s leadership at Gensol Group not only quadrupled revenue in just three years but also extended solar services and steered the Group into the EV sector. He leads Gensol EV’s incubation. With a strategic foresight, he currently navigates complexities, leveraging past successes to pioneer new frontiers, solidifying Gensol’s position as a frontrunner in renewable energy, eMobility and innovative new technologies.

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Rahul Shonak

He oversees operations, research & development, and multi-product expansion at Gensol EV. Recognised as “India’s 40 under 40,” by EMobility Plus, he drives transformative change, ensuring Gensol leads the EV revolution with sustainable solutions.

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