Anmol Singh Jaggi is a visionary serial entrepreneur with a track record of successful startups in the Sustainable Energy sector.

Under his leadership, Gensol group has been transforming the clean energy landscape for over 15 years. Gensol Engineering Ltd. is listed on main board NSE and BSE and has a market capitalisation of INR 3200 Crore.

Anmol, a visionary risk-taker, anticipated market needs and ventured into electric mobility in 2019 and co-founded BluSmart, India’s premier EV ride-hailing service and EV charging infrastructure network.

His ventures reflect a forward-thinking approach, contributing to the renewable energy sector and revolutionising the mobility industry. Anmol’s strategic vision and adaptability showcases his role as a dynamic leader shaping the future of sustainable businesses with innovation.

He graduated as a Petroleum Engineer from the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun, India where he developed a deep understanding of dire environmental consequences of fossil fuels and committed himself to building a clean energy & eMobility ecosystem, and beyond.

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